All functions for your successful contest marketing

Create branded contests in a few minutes

Landing Page

Present your contest on a unique page that shows off your company to its best advantage.

Any runtime

You decide the duration. Contests can run from two to six weeks.

Unlimited number of participants

There is no limit. No matter how many participants there are - let your contest grow big.

Responsive Design

The contest is automatically adapted to all mobile devices.

iFrame Embedding

Integrate your contest with a few clicks on your own website or subdomain.

Participants area

The participants of your contest appear publicly and for all to see. Thus, your company creates a unique stage full of creative content.

Finalists area

The best images and videos will enter the finals and will be presented here separately before the winner is chosen.

Review of the participants

Optionally, all participants can be checked for content before they appear publicly and then unlocked.

Motivate your target group to participate in your contest

Grand prize for the winner(s)

Offer prizes in the form of products or services to the participants of your contest. Your target audience can easily purchase your prizes via a "Call-to-Action” button.

Integrate a jury

The expert judgment of a jury adds professionalism to your contest. In addition, this option offers, for example, the possibility to rate the participants via a live stream.

Integration of "About”

Inform your community and new prospects about news from your company and thus keep them always up to date.

Gamification Feature

The gamification feature playfully encourages your target audience to share your contest on additional channels, generate traffic on your websites or subscribe to your newsletter.

Sharing on Facebook or WhatsApp

Shared excitement is even more fun! Let your target group share the contest additionally on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Generate traffic on social channels or websites

Motivate your target group to visit your social channels or websites again and again with enthusiasm.

Successful Marketing with Effective Analysis

Competition Marketing

The right marketing will give your contest the exclusive attention it deserves.

Influencer Marketing

We help you find the right and appropriate brand ambassador(s) to represent your brand in the best possible way and to your full satisfaction and to make your contest known.

Social Ad's

Via Instagram, Facebook and Co. we place ads exactly with the target group you want to reach and encourage them to participate in your contest.

Statistical Analysis

All activities of your target groups are statistically evaluated and accessible to you at any time.

Views & clicks on the contest

Find out how often the contest was viewed and how often your target group participated.

Views & votes of the participants

Get to know about how often your participants' images and videos were viewed and how many votes they received.

Call-to-action button

Find out how many times users have called your products or services.

Traffic on social channels & websites

Learn how often users visited your social channels or websites.

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